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Our competitors often say “it’s just as good as a Hinchman", but is it really? There are differences between a Hinchman made drivers suit and other suits on the market.
Safety -
Driver safety is a priority at Hinchman’s. For that reason, materials chosen to go into our racing suits are thoroughly scrutinized and tested before use in any of our suits. All Hinchman racing suits are made with materials that are permanently fire-resistant. That is why Nomex® and Carbon-X® remain the standard by which all other materials are graded.
As the oldest maker of driver suits, the Hinchman team has the experience, ability and desire to continually improve the protection of our drivers. The quantity and complexity of fire resistant materials available today is far advanced from Hinchman’s early beginnings. The Hinchman team is continuously researching ways to provide the racer with the safest driving suit at the track.
Experience -
Our experience is the biggest difference between us and the other guys. Hinchman helped develop the modern racing suit as it is known today.
Since pioneering the industry over 80 years ago, Hinchman has positioned itself as a leader in custom, tailor made racing suits. We will continue to set the benchmark for craftsmanship and value. We believe that you deserve performance that exceeds what is expected. The quality of our service and products are representative of an organization that cares.
When it comes to your racing suit protection, experience should be a major factor in deciding who gets your business.
Remember, “No one ever regretted buying quality”.
Innovation -
We are proud to have started the race suit industry in 1925 when Babe Stapp and Peter Depaolo wore the first Hinchman driving suits. In 1965 a representative from Dupont visited Hinchman’s facility in Indianapolis to show us their new fire resistant fabric called Nomex®. At that time Hinchman became the first racing suit manufacturer to use Nomex® in their suits. In 1999 we became the first company to use the new fire resistant material called Carbon-X®. In 2004 Hinchman introduced their new lining called “Comfort Tech”. This lining creates a 3-layer suit that is lighter, thinner, comfortable and more protective than most 2-layer suits. In 2013, Hinchman introduced it's new 'Hinchman Performance' liner in it's new HTO line of racing uniforms, and included it in the new "HP Series" in 2015.
Quality and Value -
A racing suit is an investment.An investment for your future safety.You shouldn’t assume that because a suit is expensive it’s constructed with the very best materials and is safer than other suits.Do your homework. Ask questions. Find out what is in the suit.Remember when you see a suit that is extremely light weight you are giving away some of your protection. Hinchman racing suits are known for standing the test of time. Hinchman Racing Uniforms is committed to giving our customers the best and the safest driving suits in the world.
We are proud of the racing suits we build and the people that build them. We want you to know that we’ve put it all on the line for your safety and satisfaction. Hinchman suit owners have confidence and comfort knowing they chose to wear the best.
Our pledge to you is that we will provide you with the finest race suit available. Hinchman makes custom-tailored uniforms to your individual and specific measurements. Whether you provide us with sizes or we measure you ourselves, you will receive a uniform such as you would expect from any fine clothier.
Why settle for anything less?
Customer Service -
You will also receive friendly, personal service. We believe strongly in working with you directly to be sure you receive exactly the race suit you want. We won’t pressure you for a sale. We will answer all of your questions and work with you one on one to be sure we know what you want. Then, we’ll build your suit with our hallmark quality that you’ll be as proud of as we are.
Hinchman believes customer support after the sale is vital to our reputation. We are committed to customer satisfaction. Ask anyone who has purchased a Hinchman driving suit, customer care is our number one priority.


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JB Hinchman Logo Long Sleeve Underwear Top

JB Hinchman Logo Long Sleeve Underwear Top

By popular demand, we are offering our J.B. Hinchman INDIANAPOLIS script logo added to your favorite PXP Underwear tops. Sprint Car stand out Justin Grant showed up with his at Ocala in February 2017, and we've been asked to do it ever since. ***For a limited time, we'll run this as a Sale Item for $75 on sizes thru XL. For XXL and above the Sale price is $85. PXP Racewear Long Sleeve Racing Shirt Base layer protection using a blend of high performance materials to keep you safe and cool. *Inherently fire resistant *Moisture Wicking *Flat interlock seams for comfort *Fade resistant *Soft, yet durable *Retains it shape *SFI 3.3 ApprovedDetails


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